luni, 30 noiembrie 2009

Feature: Volunteering for our Planet
700,000+ hours of environmental volunteerism registered

On World Environment Day, 5 June, United Nations Volunteers announced a theme for its own celebration of IVD this year: 'Volunteering for our Planet'. This is UNV's contribution to the UN campaign to 'Seal the Deal' at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, starting 7 December, and aims to demonstrate that people are willing to take positive action and that volunteers are a part of the solution.The campaign invites you to register the hours you have volunteered for the environment in the six months to IVD. So far people have registered more than 700,000 hours, mostly in developing countries. We really want to reach 1 million hours; please help!On their own, a few hours by one volunteer might not look like much but, when combined, the actions of thousands of volunteers around the world are adding up to a tremendous contribution to the global effort. For example, Suzanna is studying the impact of land use to indigenous communities in the Brazilian rainforest, Rahul is promoting eco-friendly agriculture in India, Sylvia in Germany is riding her bike to work and buys organic food, and Fogaing in Cameroon is doing online research on renewable energy for environmental organizations.What are you doing?

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